Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hey! All right!

So, if any of you followed Le Wif and El Husbando Show, you know that back around July-August of last year I switched the operating system on my laptop from Vista to Ubuntu Linux and, well, had lots of problems. The biggest problem I had was that the wireless card that came with the computer simply WOULD NOT talk with Ubuntu.

Good news...

I'm in the process of updating to version 8.04 of Ubuntu and the craziest thing happened: Ubuntu immediately recognized my card and set it up for me. I'm writing this on my front porch, the sound of rain in my right ear, the sound of my neighbor's air conditioner in my left. This whole switch turned out to be a good idea after all. It only took a year, I guess.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Best Spam Language Ever...

Got one of those Pen 15 emails in the ol' spam folder today, and I gotta say, I had no idea that my wang's software was out of date. Here's the subject line: "Update Your Penis."


I reckon it could be a reference to software, or perhaps the decor of the wedding tackle, right? I've always wanted racing stripes on it. You know, the kind that are off-center a little bit? It'd make the dong look faster, I suppose.

In unrelated news, I've had the phrase "I am King Kong" running through my head at random for about six weeks now. So, that's kind of weird.

In more unrelated news, I've ridden my bike 1200 miles so far this year, most of that commuting to work. At 22 miles per gallon and current gas prices (I figured @ $4 a gallon for 12 gallons per tank), I figure I've saved about $220 in gas costs alone. Add in parking and you're looking at another $390. Just over $600 for the period of time between January-June 2008, only skipping days when it's exceptionally bad outside (which is to say, too icy to drive a car on). Not to get all preachy and shit, but if you live close to your job (let's say 7 miles each way), it's dumb of you to drive to work unless that's your job.