Saturday, June 30, 2007

Le Wif and El Husbando #11

This week, we discuss the current humiliating moments in parenting contest that a weblog is running at the moment, pass along some medium-sized El Husbando news, and discuss, at length, hallmark embarrassing moments in masturbation (courtesy of El Husbando includes a few of his own. If you've got some super-embarrassing masturbation stories, send them our way and we'll read them on next week's show. We also theorize different ways to deliver the show and ask for the listeners' advice on the topic. Finally, we play the BEST cover of the Star Wars Theme—courtesy of
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Le Wif and El Husbando #10

A cabling problem results in an underwaterish quality to the show in an effort to reduce the noise, so we play sweet house beats behind our talkin'. Yay! We discuss OJ Simpson's book (available for download at: INSERT), the apparent goose shit problem in DC, the motherfucking raccoons that stole our food, give some advice on how to respond to rumors, the fact that Cincinnati Critical Mass is next Friday, and toss around the idea of having a show guest or two. What do you think?
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Le Wif and El Husbando Show #8: Le Wif Just Shows Up and Talks

This week, we talk about Westboro Baptist Church, take a quick break to fix a microphone and avert a fight, give some advice on how to not buy a girlfriend and why not to buy dong-enlarger pills, and introduce a new segment on Le Wif and El Husbando Show: Scambaiting Theatre, wherein we actually respond to those crazy Nigerian Scam Letters and try to make shenanigans ensue. Also, we close out the show with the track “Empty File” by Kiemix.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

#7: The Reason Dinosaurs Don't Exist Anymore is Because They Couldn't Fit on the Ark

This week, we talk a little more about bikes, learn that children poop in shoes for attention (and that Le Wif was properly raised) as we talk about a small child who may have ruined world peace for everyone, give some advice on how to meet up with a friend and also advertise a CAR FOR SALE. Also, we talk about the new Creation Museum and play some music from Umin.

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