Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's been a year already...

I graduated with an MFA a year ago this week. It's been a busy year, and I'm still working on the same book that I was working on then. It was my thesis. Crazy.

The difference from then to now is that I know how to buy a house, sell a house, fix a toilet, kill a squirrel, seal a deck, pull up carpet, paint a room (or two), patch a hole in a house's eaves, cut a huge branch from a tree without injuring myself or someone else, and mix a good drink. I also now know how to work a cuff link, a few basic dance steps, and how to install a television receiver into a PC.

Don't know how to write a book just yet; I don't know that I'll ever know that.

I plan to learn how to make lamps this year, to make cheap gifts that people will appreciate, how to deal with a literary agent, and, hopefully, how to market a book. This is the short list.

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