Sunday, December 10, 2006

It never ends...

Okay. I'm totally sick of killing squirrels. Got the third on Friday, and we thought that would be it--not so. There was another around noon yesterday, and yet another this morning around eight or so. That's five, count'em, five squirrels. All this just to get a hole in our soffit patched up.

Today's squirrel was kind of a bummer; I've since had to switch to a bigger trap, which doesn't completely fit in the bucket of death. This means that I've had to scour the back yard for sticks to shove through the trap, therefore reducing the area in which the squirrels can move around (i.e., below the water line), so that I can actually kill 'em. The one from this morning spent a lot of time shoving his lil' nose through the spaces between the sticks to get breath. I had to hold them in the trap so that he wouldn't break through.

I haven't really had to watch the others die. This one, I had to keep an eye on the whole thing and it was (a) gross, (b) depressing, and (c) very interesting. A very incremental thing, drowning seems to be. There's the first bite of fear as the water is about waist high, then hope that it'll stop as the little bugger creeps higher and higher toward the top of the cage. Then there's desperation, snatching as much breath as is possible, and finally weakness and submission kicks in. He floats to the bottom of the cage, his eyes open. They were trained on me. The little fucker died staring straight at me.

I hope that this is the last one.

I dumped him in a drainage ditch and re-set the trap. Nothing this afternoon.

On a nicer note, the Bengals stomped the Raiders today.


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Lizzard said...

haven't you ever heard of karma?'s all so gruesome and yet so necessary