Sunday, October 29, 2006

Umm... Crap.

I did not expect that. An exciting one, for sure, but the Bengals had these problems:

(a) No intensity until the 4th quarter.
(b) Not nearly as good against the run as they have been with Dexter Jackson in the lineup. Scary.
(c) Vick can actually pass now... who knew? Terrible. The Falcs looked better than they should have; Ron Mexico's definitely a weapon, on three fronts now--passing, running, and in the bedroom, apparently.
(d) The O-Line didn't give enough time for the receivers to get open. That said, Chad (ochenta y cinco) had a pretty good game.
(e) The Falcs' offense kept Ahmad Brooks more or less out of the game. Which is huge, because the kid is, as the Bostoners say, "Wicked awesome."


(a) No picks.
(b) Our boys kept it respectably close (and exciting, for that matter).
(c) Marvin Lewis took a hit on the sidelines and got up laughing.

Other than that, it was depressing. Am looking forward to the Roller Derby tonight to lift the spirits a little bit. Go Full Metal Corsets!

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