Monday, October 16, 2006


Two games in a row, the Bengals lose. Here are the two huge things I noticed this time around: horrible refs and an enormous lack of intensity.

Our boys didn't appear to play with the intensity that they needed to win the game. Of course, I'm not on the field or anything, but my general feeling watching at home was that they didn't seem to be too quick off the snap and that they generally got beat in many facets of the game (see TB's first touchdown, where KK got smoked on a short route). Two amazing plays got them about ten points.

There was absolutely no reason that Justin Smith should have gotten called for roughing the passer at the end of the game. If it weren't for that call, the Bengals win. Period.

Which isn't to say that they played well--because they didn't.

The good news? Fewer sacks, which means that the line's starting to play better AND Carson Palmer is finding receivers quicker... If there's one positive to take from the game, it's this.

But how much are we missing Chris Henry right now? Chris Perry? Rich Braham? Dexter Jackson and Brian Simmons? There are more, too, which doesn't bode well for the season.

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