Thursday, October 12, 2006

Huge game this weekend...

The Bengals play Tampa Bay on Sunday, at Raymond James Stadium. I've got a few friends in Tampa--Jeff, Kevin--so, yeah. I would wager bragging rights or something like that, but there's not much of a point.

That said, though, the Bengals ended up with former Buc Dexter Jackson, which has turned out great for us (despite his injury). Here's hoping he'll get to play on Sunday. Otherwise, the ol' gentleman's vehicle (i.e., Cadillac) may have a huge day, given the pattern thus far in the season--last two games (without Dexter), the Bengals have given up something like 4 million rushing yards (it's more like 400). With Dexter, the Bengals are under 100-ish. So, yeah, there's a difference.

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