Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And So It Begins...

Okay. Jill and I have decided that Covington sucks ass. The only real advantages are that we can walk to the bar, and that I can walk to work. The neighborhood generally sucks, the neighbors generally suck, and the place is too small for us (and all the crap we own) anyhow.

So we started looking at houses. Sort of. Looking online and doing drive-bys, not actually walking around on the insides of places. Not yet, anyhow. Soon. Within the next month or two, for sure.

There have been a few that we like, and a couple that we like more than that. Our criteria: Under $110k, off-street parking, at least two (decent-sized) bedrooms, and a basement.

And this means: I have two more reviews to write. The first will, as promised, concern the can opener that we got, and the second will concern our real estate person (once we get one).

All right. I should work now.

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