Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quaker Quakes Chili Cheese Potato Stix

It's Nine-ish at the moment and I've just had a handful of these. I can't decide whether they're terrible or just okay. The 'stix' (or, as I prefer, "Styx") look like crinkle-cut fries, which makes them appear to be more fried than they actually are. That said, there is a general taste something like a french fry, only crunchy and completely devoid of grease. I'm torn on this absence--isn't this why I eat fries? Why I would want to?

Thankfully, Quaker has replaced the grease with chili powder and forced me to forget about the absence of the "fry" in french fry, rendering these Quakes less like a fry and more like a Cheetoh. A more shapely cheetoh, sexier and probably confusing to a three-year-old. But then, three-year-olds don't tend to care for chili powder. None that I've met, anyway.

Not the point. My mouth is burning a little, and I should get something to drink. There's also a slight potato-chippy taste in my mouth, like I've doused a bag of Lay's in actual taco seasoning. But for some reason, nonetheless, I'd eat more if given the chance.

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