Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cue up the Coltrane...

Instead of a review, I’m going to make a random list of my thirty favorite things. In no particular order.

1. Jill
2. walking to work
3. the first four Black Sabbath albums
4. Slacking at work
5. The Pumas I bought on Monday
6. Harvey Pekar (the comic book guy)
7. Writing
8. Listening to music in headphones—it’s like your mind is rocking out
9. Zippo lighters
10. Miller High Life
11. Toni Morrison
12. Breathing in sync to a cricket outside the window so that I’m briefly scared that smoking is causing adverse lung issues that are just now becoming apparent, but then realizing that it’s only a cricket.
13. warm Januaries
14. Queens University of Charlotte
15. Painting
16. Harvey Pekar (the cat)
17. Encouraging people to write
18. Chewing gum.
19. Homemade burritos
20. The Cincinnati skyline
21. Sundays between August and February
22. The Roebling Suspension Bridge
23. Eraserhead
24. Blaise Weller
25. Mara, and all the people involved therein
26. Putting on socks and hats
27. Cold weather
28. Knowing that there’s a wedding coming
29. Playing Pool
30. Looking at creepy pictures of stuff

I'm sure to get some more reviews out of this list... stay tuned.

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